Why shop Sneaker Renegade?

  • We are reliable and proven
  • You are supporting your local small business
  • We treat everything with care
  • We offer same day local delivery and pickup (Tallahassee, Florida)
  • If your order requires shipping we deliver to the carrier the same or next day
  • Owner is a FAMU business graduate


What are your hours?

Current hours are 11 AM to 7 PM EST everyday except Sunday. Like Chick-fil-A we are NOT open on Sunday. 


How do I select local delivery?

When checking out, select 'ship' and then select 'continue to shipping'. Then select 'local delivery' for your shipping method.


How do I select local pickup?

When checking out, select 'pickup' as your delivery method.


How do I schedule a delivery time or pickup time?

  1. Place order
  2. Receive a call or text from a Sneaker Renegade representative contacting to schedule a time convenient for both parties between business hours
  3. Receive order at scheduled location during scheduled time

What time do I need to order by to receive local same day delivery and pickup?

  • Key: Place your order before 2 PM EST to be eligible for local same day
  • Note: We will do our best to accommodate clients, however, please plan in advance. We work on a tight and organized schedule with everything planned in advance. We are no longer doing late night orders.

I ordered after 2 PM EST, when will I get my local order?

Your order will be available the next business day.


    Do you have a store in Tallahassee?

    Sneaker Renegade does not have a physical store in Tallahassee. We offer local delivery to you as well as local pickup from the post office on South Adams by FAMU. We also offer nationwide shipping. To see everything we have in stock view this website. We do not do meetups for the sole purpose of trying on or showing products.


    I want something not shown on the website. Can you get it?

    It depends on the shoe you are looking for, size you need, timeframe of when you need it by, and your budget. Please get in contact with us.


    Is it safe to shop here?

    Yes, SneakerRenegade.com provides a secure shopping experience. All information used on this website is for this transaction only. We will never share your personal information with third parties.


    Is price negotiable?

    Unfortunately, no, sorry. Our best price is the price shown. We charge a premium for the convenience we provide bringing shoes to you, the time it takes to source product and deliver as well as our exceptional service.


    Can I pay cash?

    Unfortunately, no, sorry. Payment options are card, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, and Apple Pay. Payments are required before delivery.


    How do I get in contact?

    Phone (text preferred): (850) 999-3488

    Email: Business@SneakerRenegade.com

    Instagram: @SneakerRenegade