About Us

Sneaker Renegade is ran by 22-year old aspiring serial entrepreneur Andrew N. Lewis IV. Andrew (Drew) has been selling shoes since the 6th grade. When Drew first started he was so young that he could not meet customers by himself due to not having transportation as well as safety issues so his mother and her ex-husband met with the customers for him. Before selling shoes he sold gum, chips, and candy in middle school. He saved up birthday and Christmas money to buy sneakers for himself and slowly but surely his shoe collection grew. At first he resold shoes to build his personal collection up but over the years as Drew began to grow up he realized that he needed to think about life after high school and saving for a rainy day. Drew decided to sell his collection and since he knew the sneaker industry could bring a few extra dollars Drew decided he would learn it and master it and attempt to use it as a source of income. Drew is a current student at Florida A&M University majoring in Business Administration and graduates this Spring semester. After graduation Drew plans to continue growing Sneaker Renegade. In 2018 Drew came up with the idea of Sneaker Renegade. The name Renegade to Drew means thinking outside the box and sometimes differently than others and standing on the ideas he believes in whether others believe in it or not. In 2020 Sneaker Renegade became a legal entity.